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of Ravenna


Street markets


  • Piazza Zaccagnini  When: Wednesday and Saturday morning
  • Piazza Andra Costa  When: Wednesday and Saturday morning
  • Piazza Medaglie d’Oro  When: Friday morning


  • CASALBORSETTI – Piazza Marradi • When: Tuesday afternoon (winter)
    Viale Casalborsetti  When: Sunday morning (summer)
  • PORTO CORSINI – Viale Sirotti  When: Sunday morning (summer)
  • MARINA ROMEA – Piazza Italia  When: Tuesday afternoon (summer)
  • MARINA DI RAVENNA – Piazza Dora Markus  When: Wednesday/Saturday afternoon (winter); viale Spalato – Wednesday/Saturday afternoon (summer)
  • PUNTA MARINA TERME – Piazza San Massimiano  When: Friday afternoon (winter)
    Viale Dei Navigatori  When: Friday afternoon (summer)
  • LIDO ADRIANO – Viale Virgilio  When: Tuesday afternoon (summer)
  • LIDO DI DANTE – Viale Catone  When: Thursday afternoon (summer)
  • LIDO DI CLASSE – Piazza Ricci  When: Thursday afternoon (summer)
  • LIDO DI SAVIO – Piazza Forlimpopoli  When: Monday afternoon (summer)

Covered market in Ravenna


  • CASTIGLIONE DI RAVENNA – Piazza Della Libertà  When: Tuesday morning
  • MEZZANO – Piazza Donati  When: Tuesday morning
  • PIANGIPANE – Piazza XXII Giugno  When: Thursday morning
  • SANT’ALBERTO – Piazza Garibaldi  When: Thursday morning
    Piazza Angelo Amadori  When: Thursday morning
  • SAN PIETRO IN VINCOLI – Piazza Foro Boario  When: Friday morning
  • SAVARNA – Piazza Italia  When: Friday morning
  • VILLANOVA DI RAVENNA – Piazza Galimberti  When: Wednesday afternoon

Antiques and crafts market 

Where: streets and places of the historical centre
When: third weekend of every month, all year round

Every month, many exhibitors are scattered around Piazza Garibaldi, via Gordini, via Corrado Ricci, Piazza dei Caduti, via De Gasperi, Via Diaz and Piazza Einaudi.

An open-air market where antique enthusiasts will find high-quality objects while walking through the most charming streets of the city.

Fatto ad Arte  market

Where: streets and places of the historical centre
When: Friday (from the penultimate Friday of June to the second Friday of September); every first weekend of the month (from October to May); first and second weekend of the month (December)

A market in the historical centre of Ravenna with original and creative creations realised by hobbyists and artists.

Natural and organic market 

Where: via Diaz
When: third Saturday and Sunday of the month

Fruits and vegetables from organic farming, herbal products, whole and macrobiotic foods, naturally processed foods and preserves, cosmetics with natural herbs and essences, bee products, aromatic plants, green cleaning products, products for health and prevention (produced naturally), books and magazines on the topic, educational and ecological toys, handicrafts realised with simple and recycled materials.

Farmers market 

Where: Piazza della Resistenza
When: Monday and Thursday afternoon
Time: 2 pm – 6 pm (from November to March); 3.30 pm – 7.30 pm (from April to October)

Excellent local products, as seasonal fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, cheeses, cold cuts and meat, honey and flour, bread and focaccias, oils and wines, preserves and many other products from farmers of the province.

Farmers market

Where: Viale Farini
When: Tuesday afternoon

Stands with seasonal fruits and vegetables and local specialties, directly sold by local producers.

Biomarchè market – organic farmers market

Where: Piazza San Francesco
When: Tuesday afternoon
Time: 4.30 pm – 8 pm

Organic farmers weekly market. Local seasonal products, certified as organic according to European and international rules and controlled by organisms recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

La pulce d’acqua – flea market 

Where: Darsena area
When: 13 March, 10 April, 8 May, 12 and 26 June, 10 July, 28 August, 11 September, 9 October, 6 and 20 November, 8 December
Time: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm

Coloured and lively second-hand market livening up Sundays in the Darsena area. You will find books, jewels, objects, clothes, toys, traditional tools and much more at low prices: unique and rare pieces.