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Municipality of Ravenna

By bike to the northern beach towns

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  • from: Piazza dell'Aquila
  • to: Piazza dell'Aquila
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  • All seasons

  • Moderate
  • Sportspeople
  • Length

  • 50 km

About 50 km to discover the beauty of the northern beach towns.

After a scenic ride in the historical centre allowing you to admire some beautiful monuments of the city, it’s time to head towards the sea.

Driven by the wind, take the cycle path which – parallel to Via Destra Canale Molinetto – leads to Punta Marina Terme in just 7 km.

From here, enter the coastal pine forest that characterise this stretch of coastline.

After 4 km of gravel road surrounded by century-old pines, you easily get to Marina di Ravenna.

Before boarding the ferry to Porto Corsini, don’t miss a ride on the “Benigno Zaccagnini” dock, for a total of 5 relaxing and reinvigorating kilometres.

The itinerary goes on through the pine forest up to Marina Romea and the mouth of the Lamone river.

Casalborsetti, the northernmost beach town of Ravenna, is just a few km away. Just enough time to stop there for a pause and it’s time to go back to Ravenna.

By starting the ride in the early morning and going back in the afternoon, or by riding between lunch and dinner, you will have the opportunity to admire how the colours of the sea and the countryside around you change, offering you spectacular sights.

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