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Palazzo della Provincia

Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 2 - Ravenna

Overlooking the so-called Zone of Silence, PALAZZO DELLA PROVINCIA is one of the most imposing public buildings of Ravenna.

The current building, which has undergone several changes over the centuries, was built on the remains of a 17th-century residence owned by counts Testi Rasponi.

During the 19th century, the building was used as a hotel (Hotel Byron) for a while. It then became the headquarters of Federazione delle Cooperative and was thus burned down by fascists in 1922.

The reconstruction plan dates back to 1925 and was realised by Giulio Ulisse Arata, well-known architect trained during the Art Nouveau period.

The “new” building designed by Arata had to be in harmony with the Basilica of San Francesco and the surrounding structures, combining neo-romantic style elements with early medieval and byzantine architectural elements.

After the completion of the reconstruction, the structure has been the headquarters of the Province of Ravenna since 1928.

The inner court, made up of various gardens (also hanging ones), hosts one of the most charming corners of the city: the Rasponi Crypt.

It is a precious chapel dating back to the 18th century that never hosted mortal remains. Today, it is home to art exhibitions and hosts important mosaics coming from the area of Classe (see focus).

The rest of the garden revolves around a neo-gothic tower and is enriched by a lovely fountain and a viewpoint on Piazza San Francesco.



Mosaics of the Rasponi Crypt

The richest and most interesting part of the crypt is undoubtedly the mosaic flooring. The different parts of which it is made up come from the Basilica of San Severo, a building erected in 595 AD in the ancient town of Classe that has been the subject of various archaeological excavations since the ’70s.

Considered unsafe at the beginning of the 19th century, the basilica was dismantled, while the mosaic decorations were scattered in various buildings of the city. The Rasponi family purchased some of them depicting decorative patterns and spontaneous animal figures. Hens, ducks, gooses, ram and snake heads were recreated according to the opus tessellatum model, with extremely vivid and modern chrome lacquers.

The 18th-century set-up is not very uniform, due to the random assembly of some pieces coming from the religious building which were already ruined.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to see the decorative scheme, which helps to pass on the expertise of the mosaic experts from Ravenna, who made geometry and abstraction their most important values.

Further information

Opening times

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 8.30 am – 7 pm
Tuesdays, thursdays: 8.30 am – 7 pm

To visit the Rasponi Crypt and the Roof Gardens, click HERE.

Access to the monument is allowed only on presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate issued after vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 (Super Green Pass) or an equivalent certificate issued by health authorities, compulsory for everyone over the age of 12.


Closing time

The crypt is closed until March 18th.

Entrance fee

Visits to Palazzo della Provincia are free of charge. The Rasponi Crypt and the Roof Gardens have an admission fee.


The highest terraces and the crypt are not accessible to people with physical disabilities.

How to get there

Palazzo della Provincia is located in the heart of Ravenna, just behind the tourist information office of the city.

On foot: the area is easily reachable on foot from the nearby railway station.

By bus: all bus routes stop in Piazza Caduti della Libertà, just 20 metres away. For more information:

By car: access to the historical centre of Ravenna is limited. For more information on parking lots, click HERE.

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