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The Tagliatelle
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Recipe by chef Raffaele Parisi
Restaurant Da Olivia e Raffaele
Campsite Riva Verde in Marina di Ravenna

Ingredients for 3 people

Ingredients for tagliatelle

  • 3 average size eggs
  • 300 g of 00 flour for puff pastry
  • a pinch of re-ground semolina

Ingredients for the meat sauce

  • beef and pork
  • for sautéed vegetables: oil, celery, onion and carrot
  • red wine for softening
  • tomato paste


A monument should be made to the “sfogline” of the past: with the strength of their arms alone they would knead flour and 10 eggs at a time!

Chef Raffaele Parisi still fondly recalls the women of the past while, in his restaurant at the “Rivaverde” campsite in Marina di Ravenna, he breaks three eggs into three hundred grams of flour.

Then, with the help of his fork, he whisks the eggs, careful not to let them slip out of the dough, repeatedly drawing the flour towards the centre. No water must be added to the fountain, but it is necessary to work everything together till a compact and firm dough is obtained.

Covered in plastic film, the dough must rest for twenty minutes so that the gluten develops and the dough takes on its characteristic yellow colour.

Chef Raffaele selects his rolling pin to flatten out the dough, as much as possible, into a thin sheet up to 1.5 millimetres thick. The pastry must be left to rest for about forty minutes until thoroughly dry and porous.

Then it must be folded inwards into three parts and cut into tagliatelle, about the size of a “shoelace”, as chef Raffaele likes to put it.

In the meantime, the meat sauce has been simmering on the stove for about 3/4 hours: a mix of beef and pork braised for an hour in a sautéd vegetable base, then blended with wine and flavoured with tomato paste (not liquefied!) and a little water (not butter!) and then left to cook for a further 3 hours.

The pasta should be tossed into boiling salted water and, as soon as the water comes to the boil again, while still on the stove, it should be drained, as Chef Parisi recommends: tagliatelle should be eaten “al dente”, that is, you should feel the crunchiness.

Then, the drained tagliatelle are quickly tossed in the saucepan with the steaming meat sauce and, finally, deftly arranged on the plate, they are ready to serve.


Even tradition goes camping

In the last decade open air tourism has been growing rapidly and is, according to experts, a sign of change that was already underway well before the constraints and prudence imposed by the pandemic.

Outdoor travel is preferred mainly by men, aged between 35 and 64, in a fairly uniform manner among residents of the various Italian regions. They are tourists who are sensitive to sustainability and authenticity in their choice of holiday and who want to be careful and respectful of the environment.

All this has always been splendidly possible in the campsites of the Ravenna lidos, which between pine forests, sea and valleys, meet the most modern requisites in terms of quality standards and experience, and also comply with all the new safety requirements, thanks to the excellent ratio between available space and number of guests.

Historically already a firm favourite among foreign tourists, in recent years, outdoor life has undoubtedly been conquering new enthusiasts even among Italians, who are culturally more demanding in terms of gastronomy and entertainment.

And this is well known in Marina di Ravenna where, in addition to the available activities involving nature and sport, at the “Rivaverde” campsite a lot has also been invested indoors, in the kitchen and the restaurant.

Far from limiting itself to frankfurters and chips, in summer fast-food fashion, the chef instead provides rich traditional dishes and genuine seasonal products exclusively from the local territory.

Chef Raffaele Parisi, who has been running the restaurant with his wife Olivia since 2009, immediately joined the “RavennaFood” challenge.

Although he has never given up offering an excellent pizza, in great demand as always, he is making himself known, above all, for what he defines as a “simple cuisine”, made of fettuccine and cappelletti, always kneaded in the same day and seasoned with the meat sauce of the house, to which he alternates fish dishes – such as a skewer of shrimps or a dish of excellent squid, prawns or cuttlefish from the Adriatic Sea – which, in respect of a local economy, he orders in time from the nearby market of Cesenatico.

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