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The great historian Arnaldo Momigliano was absolutely right when he said: “If you want to know Italian history, catch a train and go to Ravenna”.

Thanks to its ability to self-preservate and its extraordinary monuments, Ravenna represents an exceptional urban example in Italy.

If you are thinking about a school trip to Ravenna, please remember that – not only for its Unesco World Heritage monuments – the city is fundamental for the understanding of the historical and artistic period that marked the end of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Middle Ages, thanks to the many significant evidences of the Imperial period and of the central centuries of the Middle Ages that it can offer.

Why take a school trip to Ravenna?

Archaeological excavations have recently brought to light important elements of the past of the city, thus helping scholars to reconstruct a more and more complete historical framework.

Many of these findings are already accessible to the public (in museums, basilicas, noble buildings, but also in the streets and squares of the city), many others will be visible soon.

There are many different opportunities to discover the history of the city. You can start from the Archaeological Park of Classe, which is made up of the Ancient Port of Classe and the new Classis Museum.

Then, there are other important steps that you can take, such as the National Museum, the Domus of the Stone Carpets, the so-called Theodoric’s Palace, the Rasponi Crypt and the Roof Gardens of Palazzo della Provincia and the Tamo Museum.



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