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Parco della Pace

Via Marzabotto - Ravenna

Realised in the 1980s in a residential area outside the historical centre, PARCO DELLA PACE is a green area hosting various mosaic works realised by artists from all over the world.

Inaugurated in 1988 by the will of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists and the Municipality of Ravenna, the area was created on a project by an international art commission chaired by art historian Giulio Carlo Argan and composed of Palma Bucarelli, Mario Manieri Elia, Achille Bonito Oliva and Pierre Restany.

The works were inspired by the main themes peace and friendship among people, with the aim of spreading and giving voice to a universal message of brotherhood.

Some of the most representative artists of the time were commissioned pictorial sketches to be turned into mosaics or sculptures.

Inside the park is thus now possible to admire various works in dialogue with the green of the public park: a real open-air museum.

The park hosts works by: Claude Rahir (Senza titolo – Belgium), Coupe Margarett (Un Pacifico libero dall’Atomica – New Zealand), Jerry W. Carter (La Seconda Genesi – USA), Alexander Kornooukhov (L’Uomo e la Natura – Russia), Mimmo Paladino (Albero della Vita – Italy), Bruno Saetti (San Michele – Italy), Josette Deru (Albero della Vita – France), Edda Mally (Le Ali della Pace – Austria), and Ludwig Schaffrath (Germany).

Finally, in 1990, Akomena Spazio Mosaico enriched the park with one of its untitled works, inspired by a stamp designed by the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, printed by the State Mint in 4 million copies.


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The Tree of Life by Mimmo Paladino

The work was designed by Mimmo Paladino and realised by former students of the Mosaic Art Institute ‘Gino Severini’, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Vocational Training centre ‘Albe Steiner’ of Ravenna.

The mosaic flooring represents an original reinterpretation of the tree of life. The branches are branched out and host signs and symbols, human and animal figures, often recurring in the works of the artist. It is possible to recognise two fish, a peacock, a lizard and other iconic but cryptic figures.

There are many other works of this artist around the city, both on the outside and on the inside of the MAR – Ravenna Art Museum (see HERE).

Further information

Opening times

Every day: from 7.30 am to one hour before sunset

Entrance fee

Free admission

Free of charge

Free access.


The area of the park is completely accessible.

How to get there

Parco della Pace is located just outside the historical centre of Ravenna, near the hospital and the stadium.

By car: there are various parking areas around the park. For more information, click HERE.

By bus: the area is served by public transport. For more information:

A cura della Redazione Locale

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