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Punta Marina Terme

Via della Fontana, 2 - Punta Marina Terme

The beach resort of Punta Marina Terme offers a holiday in the name of relaxation and well-being, thanks to a spa facility by the sea and wide, well-equipped beaches.

The prestige of the thermal baths is due to the synergy between a cutting-edge technology and the highly beneficial properties of its water. As a matter of fact, the salty thermal waters, rich in iodine and bromine, provide relief for inflammations and are perfect for theurapetic treatments. 

The many beach resorts are suitable for holidays of every kind: relaxation, sports, nature, music, amusement!

Punta Marina Terme is the easiest town to reach by bike: with a long cycle-lane you can easility get to Ravenna. The centre, not far from the beach, is full of shops and restaurants, and in summer, it livens up with the street market, the playpark and waterslides for kids and many events.

Punta Marina Terme is immersed in the green centuries-old Pine Forest of San Vitale. The trails departing from here — some even to the bunkers of the Second World War — are suitable for walking and trekking.


Further information

How to get there

Marina di Ravenna can be reached with bus line no. 80.

During the summer, a shuttle service is available, with free buses departing from the parking area in via Trieste and via del Marchesato.

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