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Marina di Ravenna

Piazzale Marinai d'Italia, 17 - Marina di Ravenna

Marina di Ravenna was founded in 1930 and is the oldest beach resort on the Ravenna coast.

Eugenio Montale, Nobel Prize in Literature, immortalised this city in its years of foundation with the poem “Dora Markus”, published in the collection “Le occasioni” (Occasions, 1939).

Over the years, Marina di Ravenna has become a dynamic town: it is more and more chosen not only by tourists but also new residents. In fact, more than 1,300 people live here all year round.
The tourist port of MarinaRa is attached to the city and counts about 1,500 berths with boats up to forty metres long. This and the 3 kilometre-long dyke make it a popular destination for regattas, sailors and windsurfers.
Marina di Ravenna also hosts the National Museum of Underwater Activities, set up by the Historical Diving Society of Italy, and the headquarters of Carnevali Yachts, one of Italy’s largest shipyards.

The beach establishments preserve a relaxed atmosphere, thanks to the wide beaches, the dunes and the magnificent pine forest behind. They are perfect for pleasant winter strolls, and in summer they attract many tourists, both families and youngsters.

Marina di Ravena is also much appreciated for its events, such as the Mussels Festival (Sagra della Cozza), taking place every year in early summer. Not to mention Beaches Brew, an international music festival held on the beach that draws thousands of young people from all over Europe.


Further information

How to get there

Marina di Ravenna can be reached with the bus route no. 70.

In summer, a free shuttle bus service is available, with buses departing from the parking area in via Trieste and via del Marchesato.

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