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The Maratona di Ravenna Città d’Arte – Ravenna Marathon is becoming one of Italy’s most coveted and participated marathons. With nearly 15,000 attendees for the main race alone, it is now one of the most important events of the year for the city. From the streets of the center to the sea, it enhances the beauty and history of Ravenna, creating a fantastic combination of sport and culture, even for those who don’t run.

There are many collateral initiatives dedicated to citizens and non-running visitors who can thus take the opportunity to get to know Ravenna, its historical and natural beauties, its eno-gastronomic offer and its proverbial hospitality.


MARATHON AND HALF-MARATHON The two main races take place on the second Sunday of November. The recently renovated 42 or 21 km route starts in front of Pala Mauro De André, the city’s temple of sports, and ends in front of the MAR – Ravenna Art Museum. In the first part of the route the protagonist is the Darsena area, with its large canal port and green areas.

The itinerary continues to the historical center, with passages next to the late-ancient walls and the main monuments, many of them recognized as World Heritage Sites. Leaving the city perimeter you get to Classe, where the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, another UNESCO World Heritage monument, serves as an ideal “buoy” to the final part, back in the heart of Ravenna.

Maratona di Ravenna

GOOD MORNING RAVENNA At the same time, and on the same track, the 10 km recreational “Good Morning” also takes place, in Walk and Fast versions. All participants will get the “World’s Most Beautiful Medal” in mosaic, a handmade work of art on which it will be possible to engrave name and time. And many other services are included in the registration: official t-shirt, race bag, medical assistance, shuttle bus, bag storage, baby marathon parking and conventions for visiting Ravenna’s most important monuments.

CORRENDO SENZA FRONTIERE The Maratona di Ravenna Città d’Arte – Ravenna Marathon is an event truly open to everyone, without any distinction. The initiative “Correndo senza Frontiere – Tutti Insieme” aims to open the doors of the Marathon also to all people with disabilities who don’t have the possibility to perform the routes already planned.

The project, created within the “Coordination for motor and sports activity adapted to people with intellectual disabilities” is to be considered a kind of spin-off of “Giocando senza Frontiere”, a meeting aimed at athletes with disabilities and dedicated to promoting social inclusion through athletic competitions and sports tournaments. The approximately 3 km route covers the portion of the itinerary in the historical center, with the grand finale on the official finish line, before the runners of the different distances arrive.

FAMILY RUN and DOGS&RUN On the day before the official races, two initiatives are usually held for families and children, who thus have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience of sports and community together. The Family Run, a recreational event, at a free pace aimed at families, schools and teachers, includes a 2 km route around the Pala De Andrè.

The Dogs & Run Ravenna, on the other hand, is the “six-legged” run, a playful race for those who want to run with their dogs, experiencing canicross, or simply walking in company, guided by experts who will be on hand to show you how to best practice this discipline. Pure fun in a race of about 2.5 km together with your four-legged friend!

VIRTUAL RACE If you are unable to participate in the races in person, a virtual version of the Ravenna Marathon will be activated in the days following the event. A way to somehow be in Ravenna with your heart and feel part of this great sporting event. Athletes from all over the world will then be allowed to still win, even from their own city or nation, the famous handcrafted mosaic medal, a true icon of the Ravenna Marathon, as well as the official technical t-shirt of the event.

La medaglia 2018 della maratona di Ravenna

Other interesting sports events anticipate the big marathon in November and involve the entire territory of Ravenna.


The last Sunday in September has for several years been dedicated to the Pink RAnning, a “pink” race open to all, organized together with Linea Rosa with the intention of sending a strong signal in the fight against violence to women. The event takes place on a 5 or 10 km route around the Darsena Area.

Ravenna Pink RAnning 2023

September is also the month of the famous Park Race, a unique 21 km trail through urban parks, pine forests and lagoon areas. To be done by running or walking, this spectacular route winds its way through the beautiful setting of the Po Delta Park and the Pine Forest of San Vitale, through fascinating trails, roads and dirt tracks.

Ravenna, Park Race


The second half of June sees the Ravenna Music Race, often in Beer Edition mode, an event that combines sports, music and good drinking. An 8 km recreational-motor race in the Darsena Area, accessible to all, dotted along the route with refreshment points and music stations by local bands, schools and groups.

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