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Via Zirardini – Ravenna Festival “E fu sera e fu mattina…”

Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery
6 - 26 June 2024
Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery, Ravenna Festival 2024

From June 6th to June 26th 2024, the Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery hosts “E FU SERA E FU MATTINA…,” a selection of photographs focused on the protagonists of the Ravenna Festival XXXV edition.

Dancers, conductors, musicians and singers, circus performers and actors: the fourteen selected images enchant with the beauty of the photographs, which capture the highlights and emotions of the artists of this edition of the Festival.

Silvia Camporesi‘s photograph Romagna sfigurata, a symbolic image of the Festival, taken in Modigliana (FC) in 2023 following the flood that hit Romagna, stands out in the square poster.

The theme of this edition is indeed related to climate change and a consequent search for new balances, a new relationship between man and the world and new eco-sustainable practices, which can be translated into art and all its expressions.

And to the flood, in particular, is dedicated a special review within the Festival, called Romagna in fiore: a series of free events in some of the most affected territories.


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