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Mosaico dell’Onda at Classis Ravenna

Via Classense, 29 - Classe

MOSAICO DELL’ONDA is a spectacular 33-metre long mosaic wave, permanently characterizing the access ramp leading to the Classis Ravenna Museum.

Realized by the laboratory of renovation of ancient mosaics of the RavennAntica foundation with a ton of varnish and half a million tesserae, this installation represents an imposing wave that amazes and leads you to the entrance of the museum.

Designed by architect Andrea Mandara and mosaic artist from Ravenna Paolo Racagni, this spectacular waterfall symbolizes the relationship between land and water, through the brown shades of the former sugar refinery and the light blue and blue reflections of the sea.

Thanks to the refraction of light on the mosaic tiles, the viewer’s eye beholds the image of water in motion, with an emotional reference to the ancient Port of Classe, built in this area by the great Emperor Augustus.



Classis Ravenna Museum

The Classis Ravenna Museum is one of Italy’s most important archaeological museums, as well as a real journey through the history of Ravenna.

Along with the nearby Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe and the archaeological area of the Ancient Port, it is the third element of the Archaeological Park of Classe.

Located just a few hundreds meters away from the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, the museum stretches over a 2,800 sqm surface.

Thanks to the archaeological evidences and remains that it displays, it tells the thousands-year-old history of Ravenna over the centuries.

Further information

Opening times

The work is visible according to the opening hours of the Classis Museum. For more information, click HERE.

Free of charge

You can admire the work for free. Admission fee for the museum. For more information, click HERE.

How to get there

The Classis Museum is about 6 km south of the city centre of Ravenna, in Classe, in the direction of Rimini. It is easily reachable on foot and by train, thanks to the nearby railway station.

By bus: route no. 4 departing from the Ravenna railway station. For more information:

By bike: the museum is connected with the city through an efficient cycle path.

By car: there is a large car parking area not far from the museum, as well as an equipped camper resting area.

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Last edit:23 March 2022

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