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Scalogno di Romagna PGI

SCALOGNO DI ROMAGNA PGI is a particular kind of “Allium Ascalonicum” onion.

The PGI (obtained in 1997) refers to the fresh or dry bulb of the onion. It has a particular piriform bulb, coriaceous peel and is wrapped by an external film ranging from coppery tones to reddish. These characteristics make it different from any other species grown in Italy or abroad.

It is harvested without chemical treatments or fertilizers. Even though it is mainly grown in the area of Riolo Terme, about 60 km west of Ravenna, it is much used for the preparation of dishes also in Ravenna.

Scalogno di Romagna PGI is used as an ingredient for sauces, soups, stuffed foods and fillings as well as for boiled meats, beef stews, braised beefs, roasted meats and bushmeat recipes. Fresh bulbs can be chopped and used along with ham cubes and tomato for the preparation of meat sauce for the dressing of tagliatelle or tagliolini. Shallot leaves that are picked while still green can be used to add flavour to mixed salads.

Scalogno di Romagna PGI should be kept in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. It should be eaten fresh and stored in breathable packages or in the freezer.

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