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Antonio Longanesi, called BURSÔN, was born in Boncellino (RA) in 1921. During the ’50s he discovered a thousand-year old wild vine variety from which he started to produce a wine that bears his name.

Only produced with “Longanesi” vines, it is produced in two different variants – Etichetta Blu (blue label), that doesn’t dry out your mouth, is very fruity and is suitable for grilled meat and casserole; and Etichetta Nera (black label), the most refined one, produced from withered grapes that aged for at least two years in oak barrels. With its ruby-red colour, it is perfect with tasty first courses, bushmeat and truffle.

In 1999 Bursôn was inscribed in the register of the native vineyards and since 2007 it can boast the IGT (typical geographical indication) label.
Today, the valorisation and uniqueness of Bursôn are safeguarded by “Il Bagnacavallo” consortium.

In 2013, Antonio Longanesi received the title of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic for its contribution to the development of winegrowing and the valorisation of the Italian wine making.

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