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North of Ravenna

A trip to discover the territory north of Ravenna

If you move north of Ravenna, not far from the city centre, and go in direction of the cities of Ferrara and Venice, you will encounter some very suggestive places, perfect for a short visit or maybe even a day trip.


The town of Comacchio (Ferrara)
The town of Comacchio (Ferrara) | Pic © nbisi, via Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

COMACCHIO is one of the most suggestive towns within the Po Delta Park. With its canals and little bridges, it preserves an unspoilt historic centre, which recalls the Risorgimento-Venetian period.

We suggest you visit the majestic architecture work of Trepponti (also known as the Bridge Pallotta), the Church of San Cassiano and the characteristic Manifattura dei Marinati, the eel pickling factory.
From Comacchio, you can grab a bike or go on a motorboat and visit the famous lagoon, the  salt pans or the seven seaside towns.

The Valli di Comacchio and the salt pan

The Lagoon of Comacchio (Ferrara)
Valli di Comacchio (Ferrara)  | Pic © Vanni Lazzari, via Wiki Loves Monuments 2016

This great stretch of brackish water and land is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and is part of the Po Delta Park. It’s a landscape made of canals, little islands, huts, populated by a great variety of avifauna and vegetation, unique on the national territory.

The Valli di Comacchio can be visited on a motorboat and, partly, on foot or by bike. Two sites of great interest are the Peninsula of Boscoforte in the South, and, closer to Comacchio, the salt pan in the North.

Originally, the salt pan was an artificial evaporation pond. However, it fell into disuse, thus becoming over time an important and delicate habitat for several bird species, even rare ones. Today, you can visit it only if led by a local tour guide. There is a rich programme of dedicated activities, with excursions, experiments, birdwatching experiences and special events, such as the International Birdwatching Festival.

The beaches of Comacchio

From the wilder Lido di Volano, just a few steps from the Po river mouth, to the charming Lido di Spina, Comacchio counts seven seaside resorts that fold out along the 23 km of Ferrara coastline.

Awarded the Blue Flag for their water quality, they stand out for the fine sand beaches, several bathing establishments, shows and entertainment, as well as quieter stretches of free beach, where you can relax or go for a walk.

The Abbey of Pomposa

Abbey of Pomposa (Ferrara)
Abbey of Pomposa (Codigoro, Ferrara) | Pic ©Massimo Baraldi

The Abbey of Comacchio is a monastic complex with a thousand-year old history. It is one of the most important historical and artistic sites in the province of Ferrara. The abbey preserves a number of frescoes in the style of Giotto, along with splendid mosaic floors and inlay works created before the year One Thousand.
Among the illustrious guests the abbey welcomed over the years was Guido d’Arezzo, the man who invented the modern musical stave notation based on seven notes.

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