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Visita Guidata • The Saved Pine Forest. Homage to Paolo and Francesca

Viale Guido del Duca -
3 - 9 August 2020

On the occasion of the Pink Week, scheduled from 3 to 9 August, a series of guided tours will put you on Dante Alighieri’s trail, discovering the Pine Forest Ramazzotti until reaching the Bevano river mouth.

The Pine Forest is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, with the line of the coast behind. It is part of the protected areas of the Po Delta Park. It’s one of the most important events from a naturalistic aspect of the whole coast of the Adriatic, which, eight long years after that ardom that burn down 65 hectares, today it is alive and living.

The itinerary will be also an occasion to celebrate the father of the Italian language Dante Alighieri, who mentioned in his famous work the pine forest of Classe and presumably walked across the pine forest more than once during his stay in this city.

The event is organized by the Tourist Department of the Municipality of Ravenna, in collaboration with the Biodiversity Department of the Carabinieri of Punta Marina Terme – Ravenna, delegation of Ravenna of the environment fund Fondo Ambiente Italiano and Dante in Rete. 

Pricing: €5 per person
Information and compulsory booking on:

The guided tour can take place with a maximum of 15 participants per group, in the respect of the anti-CoVid rules. Participants have to wear a face mask and clothing suitable for the excursion.

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