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Spiagge Soul

Finisterre Beach and other places
10 July - 14 August 2022

Ad eccezione del: 11/07, 14/07, 09/08 and 13/08

The 14th edition of SPIAGGE SOUL is back on the beaches of Ravenna with its rhythms and emotions, collected all around Italy and the world.

From 10 July to 14 August, the coast of Ravenna is ready and proud to host a month full of concerts right by the sea.

This edition revolves around popular music coming from all over the world, the beloved sounds of New Orleans, but also a wide vartiety of unexplored styles and genres, from blues to funk to reggae and African-American music.

Among the many artists, Grayson Capps from America, Mokoomba from Zimbabwe, Leon Beal, Noreda Graves, Jabel Kanuteh from the Gambia, Martha High, Francesco Piu, Rumba de Bodas, Shanna Waterstown and Lehmanns Brothers from France. And many others.

Spiagge Soul is a festival organized by Associazione Culturale “Blues Eye” with the artistic direction of Francesco Plazzi, the support of the Municipality of Ravenna, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the precious contribution of private workers.

For more information on the programme of the festival, click HERE.


Further information


  • Finisterre Beach
    Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c - Marina di Ravenna
  • BagnOsteria Tarifa
    Via Teseo Guerra, 35, 35 - Porto Corsini
  • Bagno Kuta
    Via Cristoforo Colombo, 169 - Punta Marina Terme


See the programme.



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