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Women in Ravenna’s History – Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery

Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery
8 March - 17 April 2023
Galleria a cielo aperto di Via Zirardini a Ravenna

From 8th March the VIA ZIRARDINI OPEN-AIR GALLERY, the outdoor gallery in the heart of Ravenna, hosts an exhibition dedicated to women ih history who were born or lived in Ravenna, or who have had a special relationship with the city.

Women as empress Theodora, who never came to Ravenba, but made her image enter the Basilica of San Vitale, an image that is still preserved here after centuries. Next to her, a series of women who played important roles in various fields: from politics to religion, from philosophy to mathematics, from literature to art.

The exhibition features images of, among others, Galla Placidia, Theodora, Anita Garibaldi, Emma Calderini, Augusta Gugù Rasponi del Sale and many others.

A project by RavennaTourism in collaboration with Istituzione Biblioteca Classense, Casa delle Donne and Rosetta Berardi.


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  • Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery
    Via Zirardini - Ravenna


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