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Quanti Guanti

Piazza Kennedy, 12 -
7 June - 12 July 2020

This artistic project of Giancarlo Gramantieri and Marco Bravura has turned into an exhibition that, from 7 June to 12 July, takes place in the rooms of Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste.

Quanti Guanti is inspired to a work tool: the glove, in Italian “guanto“, which is employed here with the meaning of an “object that from a manual work is elevated to the rank of actual artwork” as the lamented Saturno Carnoli states in his introduction of the exhibition, which also collects interventions by Tonino Guerra, Gianni Morelli, and Carlo Briganti.

Marco Bravura and Giancarlo Gramantieri are tied by a strong friendship and artistic relationship that have made them achieve great success over time: the first is a famous mosaic artist, the latter is a fashion photographer and refined publicist.

It’s Gramantieri who started his research in 2007, departing from Longana, in the countryside of Ravenna. From the suburban streets to the empty beaches, from the industrial areas to the city docks that see ships landing, the glove has been collected in the darkest and most isolated places, becoming a symbolic recollection of an authentic world made of efforts and life.

It’s a vast and accurate collection marked by anthropological, aesthetic, and cultural features, where the starting research work is translated then into a photographic project. The gloves, here, soar to the most unforeseeable role, becoming the original work.

Some years later, in 2011, Giancarlo Gramantieri and Marco Bravura broadened the research borders: they developed and increase with a mixed technique the gloves they collected during this wide and deep experience. This brought to a new way of looking at the collection, and its unpublished side is presented by the two artists for the very first time in this exhibition in Ravenna, on display until 7 July.

This event is promoted by the Culture Department of the Municipality of Ravenna and the MAR – Ravenna Art Museum

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  • Piazza Kennedy, 12 -



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