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Le città invisibili by Nicola Montalbini – Via Zirardini

Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery
6 June - 31 July 2023
Via Zirardini - Opere di Montalbini

From 6th June to 31st July, the Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery hosts LE CITTÀ INVISIBILI by Nicola Montalbini, a series of works commissioned by Ravenna Festival, whose 34th edition bears this name on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Italo Calvino’s birth.

Nicola Montalbini’s cities are a combination of naivety and talent. The artist from Ravenna draws the conclusion of the process set off by Italo Calvino‘s Invisible Cities.

If the author describes his cities in relation to humans – as fabrics of memories, experiences and relationships – Montalbini imagines them as organic entities, creatures claiming the right to be not real, but true.

They are Chimaeras of paws and windows, mouths and towers, raising from layerings of styles, quotes, stories, digressions, references meticulously and obsessively gathered by the collector and with the elevated children’s indifference towards etiquette and categories.

A selection of Nicola Montalbini’s works is also visible at Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea (via Mazzini 35a) from 9th May to 29th July.


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  • Via Zirardini Open-Air Gallery
    Via Zirardini - Ravenna


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