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Ericailcane – Potente di Fuoco and other drawings

Piazza Kennedy, 12 -
6 June - 12 July 2020

What happens if you take the animals You painted when you were a child and you draw those same animals today, as an adult, with Your style? This is the personal challenge of Ericailcane, from which originated the idea of the project “Potente di fuoco” that came to life through the magazine edited by Modo Infoshop.

The exhibition Potente di fuoco e altri disegni featuring 88 papers, depicting real and imaginary animals, is one of the greatest exhibitions as regards the diversity and amount of displayed works.

Everything started from paintings created in the far 1985, when he was 5 years old. His parents had preserved them with care until, 25 years later, they decided to return them to their son, when he had already become Ericailcane.
The temptation of recreating and reinterpreting those drawings was irresistible and so he started this absurd challenge with time.
The animals of yesterday grew, becoming “adults”. The uncertain traits of a child, made with felt pens and pencils, are replaced by years of practice and study, shifting between the past and the present, then and now. 

International street artist, he is already known in Ravenna for one of the most important and monumental works created in the area of the city dock, on the walls of the “ex-Mos”, a former animal feed factory. His works stand out for the scientific precision with which he characterizes unsettling animals with human moves, inserted in disrupting settings, a marked, at times, by a deep social and ecological meaning.
In 2019, Ericailcane came back at the bidding of Subsidenze, the street art festival organized by Associazione Culturale Indastria. On that occasion he realised the monumental work “Non facciamo di tutte le erbe fasci”.

Among the many unpublished drawings, the exhibition displays a series of recent large-scale black and white papers created during the lockdown, ordered to contain the widespread of Coronavirus and the health emergency. These works will welcome the visitors at the beginning. Moreover, the exhibition will feature a selection of coloured works, along with installations, videos, and other objects (including the limited edition skateboard designed by Ericailcane in collaboration with Bonobolabo by Marco Miccoli) that have been created recently.

The exhibition is promoted by Department for Culture of the Municipality of Ravenna, Mar-Ravenna Art Museum, in collaboration with D406 of Modena, and it is curated by Andrea Losavio and Paolo Trioschi. 

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  • Piazza Kennedy, 12 -



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