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Dante Plus

Biblioteca Oriani
27 May - 1 October 2023
Dante Plus 2023

From May 27th to October 1st, the spaces of the Contemporary History Library “Alfredo Oriani” in Ravenna host DANTE PLUS – a collective exhibition dedicated to the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri curated by Marco Miccoli “Bonobolabo“.

Dante is the most famous poet in the world, and the Divine Comedy has undoubtedly inspired every generation since.

The exhibition gathers a group of 44 artists who are very different from one another. From drawings to comic books and street art; all the works have the common aim of paying homage to Dante, each with their own version of the poet’s face.

Furthermore, starting this year Dante Plus collaborates with the Classense Library and RavennAntica, and for the occasion a room of the Casa Dante bookshop will be set up with the works of the past editions animated with augmented reality (ARIA The AR Platform).

Many of the artists involved in this year’s exhibition will donate the proceeds of their works or gadgets to the Municipality of Ravenna, through the official funsraising Un aiuto per Ravenna.


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  • Biblioteca Oriani
    Via Corrado Ricci, 26 - Ravenna


27 May, 12:00


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