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The history of the Teatro Socjale began on 7 September 1911 when the Cooperativa Agricola Braccianti Piangipane (Piangipane Farmers’ Cooperative) bought land to build a theatre. Initially the intention was to call it “Teatro Sociale” but, as the decorator of the time recalls and recounts, the “i” was replaced with a “j” to improve the harmony of the writing.

The idea that led to the creation of this theatre is rooted in the conceptions and way of life of the early 1900s, when there was a constant search for better living conditions for the country through the creation of common spaces open to all, enabling the cultural elevation of the people. The theatre was inaugurated in 1921: retro elegance, large stalls, a wooden board stage and a gallery all around, where spectators could attend shows, even bringing their own chairs from home.

Until the 1970s the “Socjale” was the venue for numerous cultural and political events and a meeting place during the traditional village festivals. In 1990, the ‘Circolo Arci Teatro Socjale’ was established, which still manages the venue today. Entertainment, concerts, live music and good wine on Friday evenings were soon complemented by the screening of art films on Tuesdays.

Even today, especially after the extensive restoration completed in 2007, the “Socjale” is a very important cultural reference point, thanks to the continuing tradition of combining good music, good films with excellent food and wine. In addition, on days not taken up by events, the cooperative rents out the premises for private use for ceremonies, parties, assemblies and events.


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