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Parish church of San Cassiano in Decimo (Campiano)

Via Trava - Ravenna

About 14 kilometres from the centre of Ravenna, in the village of Campiano, is the PARISH CHURCH OF SAN CASSIANO “IN DECIMO”, standing out in the surrounding countryside.

This religious building – located along the ancient via Petrosa (a stretch of road that was probably built to connect Ravenna and the via Emilia) – bears the name of the 10-miles distance between Forlimpopoli (the starting point of the road) and the church itself.

The church is dedicated to San Cassiano, martyr of the 4th century AD, who is also depicted in the mosaics of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

The origin of the parish church

First evidence of this church dates back to the 9th century AD. Even if the original structure was maintained, the building underwent several changes over time and was reconstructed and modified until the 18th century.

This small church, which differs in its structure from the recurring model found in the Ravenna countryside, has a single nave and ends with a large semicircular apse inside and polygonal exterior.

In the left corner stands a quadrangular bell tower (10th century AD) adorned with six rows of multi-light windows.

The church is known by everyone as “la Bartolla”, because on one of the walls there is a fragmented statuette, initially thought to be dedicated to a female figure, but which actually depicts a male pagan deity, probably the god Apollo.

The bell tower differs from the others in the area because of the interesting insertion in the walls of polychrome ceramics of Byzantine manufacture which, in technical terms, are known as ‘basins’, an ornamental form typical of buildings of worship in the Tuscan area.

The upper part of the facade – with the central mullioned window decorated with two brick masks – date back to the 12th century, while the interesting remains kept inside the church date back to the Early Middle Ages.


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The parish churches of the Exharcate

The lands of Romagna are characterised by the presence of many countryside churches, which the Church had built as a basis of the evangelization process that affected the area.

In the areas of Ravenna, Forlì/Cesena and Rimini there are so many religious buildings witnessing that process and recalling the function of these places, which were meant for the gathering of the faithful and prayer.

Usually located on the main communication routes (both by land and river). they are an incredible heritage of information and suggestions. They experienced their heyday between the 9th and the 12 century.

In the area of Ravenna there are the parish church of San Cassiano in Decimo (Campiano), the parish church of San Pietro in Campiano, the parish church of San Pietro in Trento, the parish church of San Zaccaria, the parish church of Longana, the parish church of Santo Stefano in Tegurio (Godo), the charming parish church of San Pietro in Sylvis (Bagnacavallo) and many more.

They host treasures and decorations worth knowing about and preserve stories and masterpieces to discover.

Further information

Opening times

Every day: 8.30 am – 5 pm

Free of charge

Free admission.


The church is accessible to all people with physical disabilities.

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Last edit:4 November 2022

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