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“Safari Ravenna” Zoological Park

“Safari Ravenna” Zoological Park

The Zoo Safari Ravenna park is a zero-impact natural area located a few kilometres south of Ravenna, in Savio, opposite the Mirabilandia park.

The zoo park was created with the aim of enhancing its role in the conservation of biodiversity, in order to protect the fauna and the well-being of numerous species, thus safeguarding those at risk of extinction. 

The animal park is home to numerous specimens with different histories: when it opened, the organisation decided to rescue some animals from smaller parks that were about to close and, even today, some specimens – such as very rare species of birds – come from seizures by the police who decide to entrust them to the Zoo Safari Park for protection.

The Zoo Safari covers an area of about thirty hectares and, inside, it is possible to observe the animals up close, without barriers, along a 4 km route on board your own vehicle (car/camper/coach), in an electric car or on a small train provided by the park.

Along the route you can meet more than 40 animal species for a total of 450 specimens: among the inhabitants there are lions, tigers, hippos, giraffes, zebras, bison, camels, ostriches, llamas, antelopes and many others that the professional staff takes care of every day.

The Zoo Safari Ravenna is very attentive to the educational aspect, with many options for young and old alike: in the special “Animal Docet” area it is possible to follow a trail among typical farm animals such as cows, sheep, goats, peacocks, etc., with the chance to get close to them, discover their peculiar characteristics thanks to educational stories and even experience the thrill of a horse ride.

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