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Pine wood asparagus

PINE WOOD ASPARAGUS find an excellent habitat in the pine woods of Ravenna. Until the half of the last century, they were harvested by “pinaroli” (lit. people living in the pine woods), that lived in very humble houses located in the pine woods, and that made a living from the products of the area. Today, they are quality products and are at the centre of a project of valorisation of local products.

Pine woods asparagus spontaneously grow among the vegetation. Their turions are reddish or dark-coloured and their lower leaves are thorny. There are two kinds of asparagus growing in the pinewoods of Ravenna: “San Vitale” (Asparagus tenuifolius), which is refined and has a gentle taste; and “Bardello” (Asparagus marittimus), which is rougher and has a pungent taste.

After the harvest, asparagus can be kept in a cold environment for up to two days before they are eaten or placed on the market. They can be maintained longer with freezing techniques or other means (for example in oil).

Just like the cultivated ones, wild asparagus can be boiled and seasoned with oil and lemon and used as an ingredient for first courses, omelettes and quiches.

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