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Pagadebit DOC

Amabile, frizzante and secco are the three main types of PAGADEBIT DOC (meaning “debt-payer”), white wine typical of Romagna. It is characterised by a dry flavour and it is usually served with light dishes, in particular dishes of fish from the Riviera, soups and seasonal sauces.

Saved from extinction during the ’60s and already much appreciated at the time, today it is enjoying a renewed interest thanks to the increasingly high-quality production and the DOC label, obtained in 1989.

Probably imported from the Jonian coast from the Byzantines, its name comes from its role within the rural tradition. Even when the outcome of the harvest was meager, this wine was said to allow the vintner to cover all debts incurred by his winery. The thick skin of this grapes made them withstand the most freezing temperatures, even when other types of grapes were compromised.

The main aromas of the Pagadebit are hawthorn and fern. Its colour is deep straw yellow with greenish hues. Its flavour is dry, harmonious and delicate, sometimes similar to Albana.

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