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CAGNINA DOC seems to have very ancient origins. It is believed that this grape variety came in the area of Ravenna from Dalmatia in the Byzantine era, along with the precious Istrian marbles that would be used for the construction of religious buildings and palaces of the Exharcate of Ravenna.

Planted on the hills of Romagna, the Refosco grape variety – later called Terrano – has run into a clay and calcareous soil that is perfect for its expansion.

Pliny the Elder probably mentioned the forefather of this wine in his Naturalis Historia, calling it Pucino or Pacino – the old name of Terrano according to scholars.

Cagnina is almost a seasonal wine, which must beenjoyed fresh from the harvest, usually from mid-October of the year of harvest of the grapes.

It has an atypical red colour, a sweet, full-bodied and slightly acidic taste, particularly known to the lovers of good wine.

In 1998, Cagnina obtained the Controlled Origin Denomination, which sets off its composition and allows its production only in the area of Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena.

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Not only good with roast chestnuts

During the autumn evenings, especially in the countryside, Cagnina is a loyal and cordial friend of after-dinner chats.

It is usually served with a slice of ciambella, but can also be accompanied by biscuits, tarts, roast chestnuts and cheeses.

It’s important to serve it not too cold and not too hot. Sommeliers suggest a temperature of 14° – but you may just put it on a window sill for a few minutes (or in the fridge, if you prefer) and there you have it!