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Parco 1° Maggio

Via Fosso Ghiaia - Ravenna

PARCO 1° MAGGIO is a green area equipped with facilities in the Pine forest of Classe, located about 14 kilometres south of the centre of Ravenna.

Much loved by visitors, sportspeople and mushroom hunters, it is mainly frequented during summer and spring. In these seasons, don’t miss the traditional Fair of the Truffle and the Fair of Pine nuts.

Many people come here during the weekends to relax, reaching the park by bike thanks to the cycle paths that link it to Ravenna and Cervia.

Its large green lawns are perfect to do sports in the open air or organise picnics, thanks to the various grill areas and tables. It is also the ideal starting point of relaxing strolls (on foot, by bike or on horseback) on the paths inside the pine forests.

The area of the Parco 1° Maggio the starting point of many itineraries in the Pine forest of Classe. Among these, the most famous one is “Le Querce di Dante” (lit. Dante’s oaks), which leads to the oakwood that inspired Dante Alighieri for the description of the “forest-dense, alive with green, divine” forest.

Thanks to its proximity to the sea, the Dune e pinete (lit. dunes and pine forests) itinerary leads to very charming natural places, such as the Bevano river mouth – with its coastal dunes surrounded by the pine wood – and the wet area of Ortazzo and Ortazzino, an important nesting and resting area for the aquatic avifauna.

The large pine forest of Classe also hosts Casa delle Aie – also known as Ca’ Aie. This farmhouse building, which today serves as a service building for the park, was once an accomodation for the “pignaroli” (lit. pine cone pickers), who came in the harvest season of pine cones.



Le Querce di Dante: an itinerary in the footsteps of Dante

Inside the Pine forest of Classe, Parco 1° Maggio is the starting point of an itinerary known as “LE QUERCE DI DANTE”.

The itinerary follows the steps of Dante Alighieri in this area, showing some of the landscapes that he describes in his Comedy.

You can travel the loop trail both on foot and by bike, just a few steps away from the blue Adriatic Sea. It stretches inside the “forest-dense, alive with green, divine” forest (Purgatorio, canto XXVIII) for about 4 kilometres.

From Ponte Botole bridge you access the green area, where it is possible to see tall stone pines, characterised by their umbrella-shaped canopy. The walk then leads to the large “Dante’s oakwood”.

Further information

Opening times

Every day: 7.30 am – 5 pm

Every day: 7.30 am – 7 pm

Free of charge

Free access.


The park is entirely accessible.

How to get there

The park is located east of SS 16 Adriatica state road, among the towns of Classe, Fosso Ghiaia and Savio.

By bike: Parco 1° Maggio is easily reachable by bike from Ravenna and Cervia, by going through the Pine forest of Classe and Milano Marittima. The whole area is characterised by easily accessible paths and itineraries. You can also reach the area on SS 16, but we recommend not to do it.

By car: you can reach the park thanks to an access located on SS 16 Adriatica, in the centre of Fosso Ghiaia, south of Ravenna and near the Mirabilandia amusement park.

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