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Porto Corsini

Via Lamone, 18 - Ravenna

Porto Corsini is the seaside resort that — more than any other town — preserves the typical charm of a little fishers village.
It stands out for the old port, the narrow and well-preserved houses and its dyke, which stretches for more than two kilometres in the sea. The landscape is dotted with the typical, evocative fishing huts, also called “padelloni”, and it is a popular destination for walks and angling.

Here, the beach is one of the widest on the Ravenna coastline. The sandy dunes, still untouched, stand as a natural backdrop for holidays in tranquillity, away from the crowd.

Just behind this strip of land saved from the sea, an unspoilt natural area comes to life. The Pialassa Baiona with the Oasis of Punte Alberete is the realm of black-winged stilts, flamingos, avocets and a favourite destination for birdwatchers.

Porto Corsini is north of the Candiano canal and is connected by a ferry service for pedestrians, bicycles and cars. The ferry boat leads to the nearby resort of Marina di Ravenna, which lies on the opposite bank.


Further information

How to get there

The ferry boat service is working every day from 5am to 00.30am.

You can buy the tickets from the ticket machines on site, or from authorised retailers in Marina di Ravenna, Porto Corsini and Marina Romea.

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