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Lido di Dante

Viale Catone, 10 - Lido di Dante

Lido di Dante is a true paradise.  It is a harmonious landscape, in which the tiny town centre merges with the naturalistic area of the mouth of the Bevano river.

These characteristics, together with the long stretch of free beach, make Lido di Dante a real paradise for campers and lovers of tranquillity.  You will enjoy a relaxing holiday in the houses, flats and cottages equipped with every comfort.

Lido di Dante is set between the mouth of the Fiumi Uniti and the Pine Forest of Classe, about 15 km from the centre of Ravenna.




The Torraccia

The Torraccia is a watchtower 13 m. high, built in 1617. Today it is just three km from the sea and the pine forest’s edge. In the past, though, it was a defense post of the old Candiano Port.

The construction, damaged on the top, still preserves a narrow stair that leads to the upper floor, which makes assume that originally the tower was taller than it is today. 

To reach the Torraccia, from the via Marabina, which is the road connecting Ponte Nuovo and Lido di Dante, you have to take a dirt road.

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