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Lido di Classe

Viale Fratelli Vivaldi, 51 - Lido di Classe

Lido di Classe is a “parlour by the sea” for the Ravenna people.

It stands out for a special attention to the urban design and its first-class bathing and accomodation facilities. Lido di Classe is the ideal place for young people and families who want a change from their everyday life, and want a holiday immersed in the name of tranquillity and hospitality, in true Ravenna style.

There are plenty of sporting facilities: beach tennis courts, pitches for beach volleyball, basketball and beach soccer, especially in  summer. All year round, an airfield with a flying school for ultralight aircrafts will give you the chance to enjoy an aerial view of the surrounding nature. Just a few steps from the sea, there is also a modern riding school, equipped for horse riding lessons and excursions into the pine forest.

This seaside town stretches over the area between the Pine Forest of Classe and the Savio river mouth. Just as Lido di Dante, it is very close to the mouth of the Bevano river, an extraordinary corner of pine forest and free beach.


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