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Guided Tour • E tond

Viale Santi Baldini, 4/A -
Mar 8, 2020
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Discover the public gardens of Ravenna and its centennial plants guided by Silvia Togni, in order to celebrate International Women’s Day.

From the old gardens of the monks to the great Romagna Exhibit in 1904, the tour will retrace all the transformations of the area that today hosts the green lung par excellence in the heart of the city centre. Passing the Loggetta Lombardesca and the Basilica, which host valuable paintings and sculptures, the tour ends at the Classense Library, which will be hosting the exhibition ‘Ravenna, un paesaggio che attraversa la storia’, where you will admire a number of engravings and handwritten maps coming from the Ravenna municipal historical archive.

€5 per person (free admission for children), there will be no further fees
Booking is compulsory, write to or call +39 333.4982374 (also SMS or WhatsApp)

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  • Viale Santi Baldini, 4/A -



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