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Teatro Musica 2020 • Operetta and Musical Comedy

Teatro Dante Alighieri
23/02/2022 and 09/03/2022

In its 34th edition, the annual event at the Dante Alighieri Theatre for Teatro Musica by Capit starts in January 2020 with five shows of operetta, musical and play with the best companies around

The plays are in Italian
Stalls, 1st, 2nd, 3rd tiers: €27.50; concession €22; Capit members €17.50;
Balcony, 4th tier: €22; concession €17.50; Capit members €13; 
Gallery: €13; Capit members €11.
Under 14: €9

Season ticket
Stalls, 1st, tier: €88; concession €68; Capit members €55

Concessions are for people over 65 years old, under 26 years old, lyric 2018-2019 season subscribers, Capit employees and affiliated companies (list at the ticket office of the theatre). Free admission for “CARTA BIANCA” owners with 100% disabilities, whose one accompanying person can have a 50% discount on the ticket. For people with inferior disabilities, admission with concession.

November – TBC

Capit Romagna
By Nevio Spadoni
Performance not included in the season ticket


Wednesday 15 January

Capit Ravenna
Commedia?…che sia musicale!
Directed by Alessandro Braga, with Eleonora Musso, Domenico Nappi, Francesco Fusai, Elisa Gobbi of BSMT Productions and the participation of the actors of Piccolo Teatro Città di Ravenna
From Rugantino to Aggiungi un posto a tavola, the concert in homage to Garinei & Giovannini: here’s the Italian comedy musical with a cast of over 50 artists, a lively and captivating performance.

Friday 22 February

I ragazzi del lago – Original Italian production
Senza fili
Musical by Carlo Tedeschi, with Matteo Mecozzi, Carmine Passaro, Giada Mecozzi, Riccardo Mei, Francesco Di Carlo, Monia Sclano, Costantino Paganelli.
“Senza Fili” is an amusing show that comines mimic, dancing, singing, comedy sketches and circus performances for a barrel of laughs.

Thursday 19 March [CANCELLED]

Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento
Una Notte a Venezia
By Johann Strauss, directed by Alessandro Brachetti
Energetic and enthusiastic: Una notte a Venezia tells about the Italian country through a stranger’s eyes, with its stereotypes and a contagious cheerfulness that echoes in the amazing music of the king of Waltz.

Tuesday 24 March [CANCELLED]

Compagnia In Scena di Corrado Abbati
Il Pipistrello
By Johann Strauss
In a bright and merry whirlwind of entertainment with its perfect comedy times and equivocal affairs, the very well-known music and the involving dancing, Il Pipistrello is a genuinely amusing performance that marked an important chapter of musical theatre.


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  • Teatro Dante Alighieri
    Via Mariani, 2 - Ravenna




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