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Summertime: meet with the stars!

Fishers Market (Bacino Pescherecci)
Jul 23, 2021

The summer in Ravenna is also Summertime! The Netflix series by Cattleya, set in Romagna and filmed also in the city and the beaches of Ravenna.

Come and celebrate the success of the Netflix series SUMMERTIME, on Friday, 23 July at 9.30pm at the Fishers’ Market of Marina di Ravenna (Bacino Pescherecci)! Don’t miss the chance to meet with the production and two of the main characters — Coco Rebecca Edogamhe (Summer) and Giovanni Maini (Edo).

This event is organized by the Municipality of Ravenna; with the collaboration of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, Netflix, Cattleya, Pro Loco Marina di Ravenna.

During the evening, some offstage scenes will be projectes.
Mayor of Ravenna Michele de Pascale and the Municipal Tourism Councillor Giacomo Costantini, the Councillor of the Municipality of Cervia Bianca Maria Manzi, Fabio Abagnato of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, Cattleya production and Alberto Mazzotti as host.

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  • Fishers Market (Bacino Pescherecci)
    Via Molo Dalmazia - Marina di Ravenna


21.30 Booking is compulsory



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