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Mosaic on tour 2019 • The beaches of Ravenna

Aug 3, 2020

A new edition of Mosaico in tour, the travelling mosaic school, takes again the mosaic art on holiday on the Adriatic coast in Romagna.

It’s a “mosaic bus” − a real, perfectly equipped workshop on four wheels carrying teachers, artists and colourful mosaic tiles − that will drive along the coast, from Pinarella di Cervia to the beaches of Ferrara, stopping in every village to teach how to make mosaics, the most important art tradition of Ravenna.

Art turns into a game to play with your mum or dad, whether on the beach, at the pool, in the hotel or at the campsite.
Created by Silvana Costa and organized by Associazione Culturale Il Cerbero

Workshops are reserved for guests of hotels and beaches
The programme may vary


Monday 3 August
• Camping Adriano, Punta Marina Terme | 4pm

Wednesday August
Bagno Dolce Vita Clueb, Punta Marina Terme | 10pm

Thursday 6 August

• Bagno Tiziano, Punta Marina Terme | 10pm

Monday 10 August
 Camping Marina, Punta Marina Terme | 4pm

Tuesday 11 August
Bagno Nettuno, Lido di Savio | 4pm

Wednesday 12 August
 Bagno Dolce Vita Clueb, Punta Marina Terme | 10pm

Monday 17 August
 Camping Adriano, Punta Marina Terme | 4pm

Wednesday 19 August

Bagno Dolce Vita Clueb, Punta Marina Terme | 10pm

Thursday 20 August

• Piazza Vivaldi, Lido Adriano | 8pm

Monday 24 August
 Camping Marina, Punta Marina Terme | 4pm

Wednesday 26 August

 Bagno Dolce Vita Clueb, Punta Marina Terme | 10pm

Monday 31 August

• Camping Adriano, Punta Marina Terme | 4pm


Wednesday 2 September
 Bagno Dolce Vita Clueb, Punta Marina Terme | 10pm


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