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Riccardo Muti conducts Nabucco

Teatro Dante Alighieri
Dec 20, 2021
Concert Riccardo Muti - Cherubini Orchestra

On December 20th, Ravenna Festival takes the stage with a special appointment. RICCARDO MUTI AND THE LUIGI CHERUBINI YOUTH ORCHESTRA  will perform on the stage of Teatro Alighieri with a selection of pieces from Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi.

No other composer is as deeply linked to the Italian music and culture as Verdi. No other conductor has consistently and passionately committed to keep his work alive as Riccardo Muti. And no other chorus is as famous as the Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate, which has always transcended the opera to become a hymn for all peoples.

The concert taking place on December 20th is a gift and a good omen for the new year, looking forward to Ravenna Festival’s 2022 programme that will be announced in the next months.

The concert will involve not only the Cherubini Orchestra, but also the Cremona Antiqua choir trained by Antonio Greco and a voice cast including Serban Basile as Nabucco, Anastasia Bartoli as Abigaille, Francesca di Sauro as Fenena, Azer Zada as Ismaele, Riccardo Zanellato as Zaccaria, Giacomo Leone as Abdallo, Vittoria Magnarello as Anna and Andrea Vittorio De Campo as The High Priest of Bel.

Riccardo Muti conducts Nabucco

Opera in four parts
Libretto by Temistocle Solera 

Music by Giuseppe Verdi 

Nabucco Serban Vasile
Ismaele Azer Zada
Zaccaria Riccardo Zanellato
Abigaille Anastasia Bartoli
Fenena Francesca Di Sauro
Abdallo Giacomo Leone 
Anna Vittoria Magnarello
Il Gran Sacerdote di Belo Andrea Vittorio De Campo

Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra
Cremona Antiqua Choir
Choirmaster Antonio Greco 


Further information


  • Teatro Dante Alighieri
    Via Mariani, 2 - Ravenna






From € 25 to € 55


From € 22 to € 50. University students under the age of 30: from € 15 to € 25.
Under 18: € 5

You can buy tickets HERE or at Teatro Alighieri’s ticket office; Tourist information office (Piazza San Francesco, 7) and Cassa di Ravenna Spa offices.

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