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Ravenna Live Music Party

Via Mariani, 2 -
Oct 3, 2020

“Musicians for the city, the city for the musicians” is the motto that explains the deep meaning of Ravenna Live Music Party, a real concert-marathon that will take place on Saturday 3 October at the Dante Alighieri Theatre.

Organized by Jazz Network, with the collaboration of Mama’s Music School and Fondazione Ravenna Manifestazioni, this initiative started with the aim of giving space to the musicians of the city, a professional category that has been particularly worned out by this block of performances and events of the last period.

Of course, not everyone will be present at the same time, but the different groups will alternate on the stage (soloists, duos, and quartets), but they are so many – twenty-one in all:

Luca Vassura accordion
Alessandro Rondinelli guitar, voice
Moris Pradella voice
Cico Cicognani electric bass
Matteo Scaioli electro acoustic ambience
Elena Majoni violin
Marco Rosetti guitar
Federica Maglioni (Frida Split) piano, voice

Luciano Titi accordion
Gio De Luigi voice 
Marco Rosetti guitar
Gianluca Lo Presti (Nevica) voice, bass, electronics
Andrea Fioravanti electronics
Riccardo Pasini electronics
Gabriele Bombardini guitar, electronics
Serena Bandoli voice
Fabrizio Tarroni guitar
Christian Ravaglioli electronics
Margherita Vannini voice
Alessandro Scala saxophones
Francesco Scardovi guitar
Stefano Calvano drums

Presented by Alessandro Rondinelli , flanked by Franco Costantini.

Tickets: €5

Pre-sale tickets:
• Ticket office of the Dante Alighieri Theatre, via Mariani 2, tel. +39 0544.249244 (meeting only on appointment): weekdays 9am-1pm, performance day from 7pm.
At any agencies and branches of the Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna.
• Tourist information offices in Ravenna and Cervia
 Online tickets:


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  • Via Mariani, 2 -



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