It took Frank Zappa a lifetime to shake off the image of transgressive genius and freak that had made him a star in the annals of rock music. Only months before his death, in 1992, he secured a place in the empyrean of ‘art music’ when some twenty of his orchestral compositions, old and new, were performed as a suite at the Frankfurt Festival, which featured composers such as Cage and Stockhausen.

Bringing The Yellow Sharkback to the stage means tackling the monumental perfectionism of the composer of Cucamonga, a feat that has challenged the then-conductor Peter Rundel for years. Now the Parco della Musica Contemporary Ensemble will take up the challenge make up of extraordinary soloists.

Frank Zappa
The Yellow Shark

PMCE – Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble
Tonino Battista conductor
Marcello Nardis dramatic reading