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Ravenna Festival 2021. Dedicated to Dante

Brancaleone Fortress and other places
2 June - 31 July 2021
Ravenna Festival

On Wednesday 2 June, Italian music restarts from Ravenna.

The 32nd edition of the RAVENNA FESTIVAL officially opens its gates to the public, with a special edition dedicated to the supreme poet Dante Alighieri in the year of his seventh death centenary.

For two months, from 2 June to 31 July (not counting the autumn programme), the festival boasts a rich calendar of events with more than seventy meetings and 1,200 artists.

As in 2020, the festival will be in the presence of an audience, but it will last longer than the former edition.
Many dates and locations spread across Russi, Cervia and Lugo, beyond the main venue of the Brancaleone Fortress.

In its homage to Dante, celebrating the supreme poet’s life and work with new productions and commissions to componists, choreographers and playwrights, Ravenna Festival completely fulfils its themed, multidisciplinary and travelling nature. Maybe, this is true because in the great journey of the Divine Comedy are all the themes and topics of the great human experience.

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  • Brancaleone Fortress
    Via Rocca Brancaleone - Ravenna
  • Basilica of San Vitale
    Via San Vitale, 17 - Ravenna
  • Classense Library
    Via Baccarini, 3 - Ravenna
  • and other places


For the full programme and times visit:

The festival has made available the website to offer a selection of performances on live streming.


Some events are paid

For information on the tickets of the single events please visit the Ravenna Festival’s website.

Not more than two tickets can be purchased for each event,  considered the limited available seats in compliance with the social distance rules.

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