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La Notte Rosa 2020 – Special Ravenna

3 - 9 August 2020

The Notte Rosa is the big summer event: for one evening, from sunset to dawn, the Adriatic coast in Emilia Romagna turns into an explosion of lights sounds, images and colours, with concerts, theatre performances, installations, exhibitions and magical settings.

This year the night of Notte Rosa will last an entire week, becoming the PINK WEEK rich of events.

From 3 to 9 August RAVENNA and its BEACHES will organize a festival of events that involve the city and the entire coast: seven days of immersion in nature, respecting the environment in all safety and with a great love for culture, in particular for Dante Alighieri, who has been inspiring this land for 700 years.

In collaboration with FAI Ravenna and the Biodiversity Department of Carabinieri of Punta Marina Terme, the readers of Dante in Rete and Atlantide, you will visit the reborn Pine Forest Ramazzotti. Reopened in 2019 after an arson that hit it seven years before, this portion of green north to the Bevano river will give you a unique experience of nature and poetry.

The reading of the 5th canto of Inferno by Dante, a homage to the Supreme Poet, will take place “upon that shore to which the Po descends”, citing the land of birth of Francesca Da Polenta, thanks to the volunteer readers of the project Dante in Rete, which has been promoting Dante and his Comedy. In this project, there is also a further challenge: to make the Pine Forest Ramazzotti part of the FAI’s ‘Luoghi del Cuore’. 

It’s for this reason that the FAI’s volunteers will support a vote-raising on site and on the website for the Pine Forest Ramazzotti, which is growing, and is an example of the resilience of great naturalist importance because it overlooks the dunes and is part of the Bevano river mouth. Moreover, it’s important to keep the attention alive for its symbolical meaning.


The project of the Pink Week is connected with the successful events of Ravenna Bella di Sera and its Guided Tours in Music, scheduled until the end of August, and the itineraries of Mosaico di Notte.

The contact between nature and art, this time in music, further strengthens with other two events of Spiagge Soul, organized by Spiagge Soul and Associazione Blues Eye.

Finally, don’t forget the events in nature organized by Atlantide with many exciting itineraries and tours departing from the NatuRa Museum in Sant’Alberto and the Visitor Centre Cubo Magico Bevanella in Lido di Savio. Among these not to be missed is the free concert of “Le voci del Delta”, with the Bevano Est, with a walk and a breakfast included, scheduled on Saturday, 8 August.

FROM MONDAY 3 AUGUST TO SUNDAY 9 AUGUST (except Saturday 8 August)

Guided tour | The saved Pine Forest. Homage to Paolo and Francesca
Meeting place: parking lot in viale Guido del Duca, Lido di Dante (RA)
Time: 7am (from Monday to Thursday); 8.30am (on Friday and Sunday)
The tours are with a max. of 15 participants per group, in the respect of the anti-COVID containment measures.
All participants have to wear a face mask and suitable clothing for an excursion
Participation fee: €5 per person. Booking is compulsory
Information and bookings (from Thursday 23 July) on


Guided tours and itinerariesThink Pink
NatuRA Museum – Via Rivaletto 25, Sant’Alberto
Visitor Centre Cubo Magico Bevanella – Via Canale Pergami 80, Savio
To celebrate the PINK WEEK, scheduled from 3 to 9 August, a rich calendar of events and guided tours and excursions to get to know better the nature of Ravenna
Booking is compulsory on


• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC | “In the memory of the remote days of the ancient city and its witnesses”
Time: 8.30pm
Guide: Adriana Parrilli

• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC“Ravenna in a black shirt. History, facts and city planning of Ravenna during Italy’s fascist period”
Time: 9pm
Guide: Benedetta Orlati

• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC | “Art in Ravenna during Italy’s fascist period. From Ulisse Arata to the Monument to the Fallen”
Time: 9.30pm
Guide: Alessia De Laurentis

Rasponi Garden or of the Forgotten Herbs
Dolce Sentire
Artists: Monica Micheli, harp  Aldo Zangheri, viola
Music by: R.Ortolani, Morricone, Rota

Participation fee: €5 (max 15 participants)
Booking is compulsory on
Info: 0544 482838


GUIDED TOUR | Mosaico di Notte
Some of the most beautiful monuments in Ravenna open their doors in the evening to tourists and art lovers.
Booking is compulsory on
Info: 0544 482838


Spiagge Soul – Concert TBD
Pine Forest of Marina di Ravenna (by the Statue ‘Capitello Madonna del Silenzio’)
Time: 10am
Free admission. Information on


Spiagge Soul – Concert TBD
Finisterre Beach, Viale delle Nazioni, 242/c – Marina d Ravenna
Time: 6am
Free admission. Information on

Bevano Est in concert “Le Voci del Delta”
Visitor Centre Cubo Magico Bevanella
Time: 6am
Musical Event of the festival ‘Le Voci del Delta’, organized by Entroterre Musical Festival of Bertinoro, open-air concerts in suggestive locations of the Po Delta Park
Guided Walk departing from the VISITOR CENTRE CUBO MAGICO BEVANELLA, arriving at the observation point of the natural area of Ortazzo, where the concert of the BEVANO EST will take place. All participants will have breakfast at dawn with folks and traditional musicDuration: 2 hours (about)
Participation fee: €8

• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC“Come sa di sale dolce lo pane altrui: la Ravenna RicorDante”
Time: 8.30pm
Guide: Mauro Marino

GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC | “A walk with poetry”
Time: 21.00
Guide: Tiziana Brescacin

• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC“The lost churches of Ravenna”
Time: 9.30pm
Guide: Naima Scognamiglio

Io che amo solo te. Homage to the greatest Italian singer-song writers, from Endrigo to Iannacci
Roof Gardens of the Provincia Palace
Artist: Gianluigi Tartaul, voice and guitar Luca Bombardi, keyboards
Music by: Tenco, Gaber, Endrigo and Iannacci

Participation fee: €5 (max 15 participants)
Compulsory booking on
Info: 0544 482838


• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC“Seven hundred years of Dante”
Time: 8.30pm
Guide: Francesco Antonelli

• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC | “Ravenna and its treasures, from the ones on display to the hidden ones”
Time: 9pm
Guide: Silvia Giogoli

• GUIDED TOUR IN MUSIC“Dante’s places”
Time: 9.30pm

Guide: Luana Piccinini

Duo Sconcerto in Sonati ma non troppo
Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste 
Artists: Matteo Ferrari, flute • Andrea Candeli, guitar
Music by: Mozart, Rossini, Piazzolla, Morricone

Participation fee: €5 (max 15 participants)
Booking is compulsory on
Info: 0544 482838


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