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Balamondo World Music Festival 2021

Piazza del Popolo
Aug 6, 2021
Balamondo 2021

Romagna has always been the land of hospitality, ready to welcome also foreign traditions, and BALAMONDO World Music Festival is the proof of that. Born from an idea by Mirko Casadei, the festival welcomes on the Emilia-Romagna Riviera different musical genres coming from very different geographical areas.

Taking the cue from this concept, on Friday 6 August, as part of the programme of the festival Ravenna Bella di Sera, the Mirko Casadei POPular Folk Orchestra will give an extraordinary show dedicated to the “King of Liscio” Raoul Casadei.

In order to further homage the king of Liscio, Paolo Gambi will present “Bastava un Grillo”, the new edition of the biography of Raoul Casadei, accompanied on the occasion by some  guests that were part of the legendary Orchestra Casadei in the 1970s, such as Renzo il Rosso and Luana Babini. This will be a moment of emotions and intimacy, during which Gambi will talk about the artistic and personal life of Raoul Casadei, hosted by Andrea Barbi.

Then, the stage will give space to contamination and experimentation of completely different worlds.
On the one hand will be the sound of the Mirco Casadei POPular Folk Orchestra, with the traditional music of Romagna; on the other, the strings quintet Volosi (Poland), an ansemble of exceptional virtuosity, which is able to skillfully mix classical music and original Carpathians music, marked by a depp melancholy and a scent of Eastern Europe.

At the Balamondo World Music Festival, even the younger generations will have their space, with the First edition of the Raoul Casadei award. The Sunset Radio has been chosen for the occasion, and they will play “My Rumagna”, a lively punk-rock sound with reggae contaminations and a text halfway between the Romagna dialect and the English language, perfectly in line with the style of Balamondo.

The Balamondo World Music Festival” is the greatest music, dancing and local festival that has as its focus the folk music and the typical dancing of Romagna, boasting great guest stars.


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  • Piazza del Popolo
    Piazza del Popolo - Ravenna


From 9pm



According to the current health emergency regulations, booking is compulsory  (limited number of available seats).

From 6 August, in order to take part in the event and enter enclosed spaces, people must have the COVID-19 Green Pass (or vaccine certificate or negative test result performed within 48 hours prior to the event).

For further information, see: Covid-19 updates: information for tourists

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