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La Cozza Selvaggia di Marina di Ravenna in Festa

Bacino Pescherecci
24 - 26 June 2022
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La Cozza Selvaggia di Marina di Ravenna in Festa 2022

From 24th to 26 June, the 9th edition of LA COZZA SELVAGGIA DI MARINA DI RAVENNA IN FESTA (Fair of the Spontaneous Mussels of Marina di Ravenna) will liven up Marina di Ravenna with three days in the name of environmental protection and sea products, with experts, workshops and many food events.

The Mussels of Marina di Ravenna are an excellent product of the area and, in general, of the Adriatic Sea, and are one of Italy’s most exquisite varieties.

This year, the festival will hit the so-called area of “Bacino dei Pescherecci” in Marina di Ravenna, located between Molo Dalmazia and the Fishers’ Market.
For three days, huts, debates, cooking shows and stands, will offer the Spontaneous Mussels of the Adriatic to the public – with no less than 60 restaurants, in the beach towns and in Ravenna.

Don’t miss this long weekend dedicated to the local seafood!


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  • Bacino Pescherecci
    Via Molo Dalmazia - Marina di Ravenna


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