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Ravenna, un paesaggio che attraversa la storia

Via Baccarini, 3 -
24 February - 29 March 2020

From 24 February to 29 March, the so-called ‘Corridoio Grande’ of the Classense Library will host the exhibition Ravenna, un paesaggio che attraversa la storia.

The exhibition is inspired by the namesake volume edited by Osiride Guerrini and Pietro Barberini, before the early demise of this latter one (SBC Edizioni, 2019). The two writers, who have proven to know very well the city, the territory and all the changes it underwent over time, describe such a detailed story that it deserves to be followed and further examined through the documents on display.

This is also the perfect occasion to put in the spotlight all the handwritten maps of the Ravenna municipal historical archive, preserved at the library, and the astounding engravings that show the territory and the city of the past centueries.

There, where documents cannot be found, the visitor will be surprised by the amazing views Ravenna can offer: a city that is almost a fairy tale, with suggestive reconstructions of the port at Romans’ times and their fleet, designed by an anonymous cartographer lived in the 16th century, and pictures of Ravenna on islands, designed by the great cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), who took inspiration from Venice. Furthermore, the images of the Roman soldiers’ stele and carpenters that repair ships of the fleet are of great suggestion.

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