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Rasponi garden or Garden of Forgotten Herbs

Piazzetta Paolo Serra - Ravenna

The Rasponi Garden or Garden of Forgotten Herbs (Giardino Rasponi or Giardino Delle Erbe Dimenticate) is a delightful green area open to the public, situated at the intersection between Via Rasponi and Via Guerrini, just behind the Baptistery of Neon. 

Donated to the city by Banca Popolare di Ravenna and by the Municipality of Ravenna, this garden is the place where history meets nature to offer citizens and visitors an alternative destination for a walk. The imposing walls of the garden deaden the noises of the city and create a magical atmosphere intensified by the colours and perfumes of the herbs. The gaze is charmed by an unusual view of Ravenna, opening onto the dome of the Cathedral and its round bell tower.

Rasponi garden houses herbs of ancient origin, mentioned in apothecarists’ recipe books, as well as common herbs used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Opening hours

From Monday to Saturday: 9am – 7pm

The Garden and the nearby shop Ufficio Ubuntu connected to this green area, are open in compliance with the Covid-19 containment provisions.

Entrance fee

Free admission

How to get there

Located in the city centre, bus stop 20m away (route 1), Pay and display car park in Guidarello Guidarelli car park, 100m away. Close to the Cathedral of Ravenna, to Archiepiscopal Museum, to the Chapel of Sant’Andrea and to Baptistery of Neon.


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