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Gorillas at Palazzo di Giustizia in Ravenna

Viale Randi, 67 - Ravenna
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In the internal cloister of the Palazzo di Giustizia, from 2002 you can admire the particular sculptures of Davide Rivalta, which make up a plastic group of high artistic prestige, which is why in their vigorous realism they can be traced back to a thought of sculpture based on a tradition recovered from topicality.

On a symbolic level, if the Palazzo di Giustizia represents the ethic dimension, the civil conscience of a society with its regulations and its laws, the “Gorillas” evoke the initial, pre-cultural condition of man. Under this perspective the sculpture installed in the Palazzo can also symbolise the long road of civilization from origins up to today.

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Last edit:15 December 2020

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