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Guiccioli Farm

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The event that made the Fattoria Guiccioli (Guiccioli Farm), located in Mandriole, famous is linked to Giuseppe Garibaldi and his flight, after the fall of the Roman Republic in 1849, with his Anita, with whom he wanted to reach Venice.

A few hours after landing at Punta di Goro, in the Comacchio valleys, Garibaldi and Anita were pursued by the Austrians and headed inland. With great difficulty they reached the Guiccioli Farm, hoping to find shelter and a doctor available for Anita, who was pregnant and feverish.

It was 7.45 p.m. on 4 August 1849 when Anita died, throwing Garibaldi into despair. The body was simply and quickly buried in the sand, in the nearby ‘motta della Pastorara’, to prevent patrols from discovering their passage. Six days later, Anita’s body was accidentally discovered by a group of children and transferred to the cemetery of Mandriole.

A copy of Anita’s deathbed (the original was burnt during the Nazi-Fascist occupation) and two paintings dedicated to her are still preserved in the Fattoria Guiccioli.

The building also houses a modern exhibition of relics and mementos linked to Garibaldi’s exploits in Romagna, including Anita’s memorial stone in memory of the heroine. Every year, on the day of his death, a commemorative ceremony is held at Fattoria Guiccioli.

From an environmental point of view, the structure is located near two naturalistic stations of the Po Delta Park and is therefore a strong tourist attraction. All around, in fact, in addition to the cultivated fields, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Valle Mandriole, in fact, is an area characterised by the presence of freshwater marshes that have been created, over the centuries, by the flooding of the Lamone river.

This particular habitat includes the Pineta di San Vitale, the Pialassa della Baiona and the Pialassa Piomboni where it is possible to admire, in addition to agricultural land, open areas with shallow waters and characteristic plant and animal species.


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Further information

Opening times

Every day: 9am – 6pm, only by telephone appointment

Entrance fee

Free entry. Booking recommended.

How to get there

If you travel by car from Ravenna, drive along Strada Statale Romea 309 until Casal Borsetti, then turn left towards Mandriole and follow the road signs. If you travel by bus, take bus 140.

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Last edit:11 February 2021