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South of Ravenna

A trip to discover the territory south of Ravenna

Just beyond the southern border of Ravenna, along the coast and inland, you will find some very interesting destinations with sea, bars and pubs, food and drink, events and culture.

Cervia and Milano Marittima

The canal harbour of Cervia (Ravenna)
The canal harbour in Cervia (Ravenna)

CERVIA and MILANO MARITTIMA are two faces of the same coin. Together, they offer an all-inclusive experience, perfect for a daily trip or just a quick stop.

The tiny fascinating historic centre of Cervia develops by the canal, crowded with tiny vivid boats, pubs and boutiques. Dominated by the Tower of San Michele, the city centre is perfect for a stroll in search of a good restaurant or an original souvenir.

Many pubs, bars, bathing establishments overlook the wide and well-cared seafront that leads to the nearby seaside resort of Pinarella.

Milano Marittima is one of the summer evening capitals, marked by a number of elegant bathing establishments, beach sports facilities, as well as clubs, shops and restaurants. The thick pine forest embracing this seaside town is ideal for running and excursions.

Here, spread across the woods, you will find the fitness trails by CerviAvventura, which is an amazing natural park with animals and one of the four spas present in the Province of Ravenna.

The Salt Pans of Cervia

The Salt Pans in Cervia (Ravenna)
Cervia Salt Pans (Ravenna) | Photo

Between Cervia and Villa inferno is a brackish water basin, and here is where the ancient Salt Pans  are. They were converted in the 1960s, and today they are managed by Gruppo Culturale Civiltà Salinara, which produces this valuable salt, Slow Food presidium.

Most of the salt pan is today inhabited by wonderful specimens of avifauna, which make it one of the most important watching points for migratory species. Among them are flamingos, shelducks, and black-winged stilts.

The Salt Pans can be visited in different ways, but always accompanied by authorized guides. All of the excursions depart from the Visitor Centre.


L'Arco di Augusto (Rimini)
The Arch of Augustus (Rimini) | Photo

Rimini is the last stretch of Romagna, Rimini is sea, Federico Fellini and much else. Beyond the beaches, the bars and the bathing establishments, the great historical and cultural tradition, this city offers a multifaceted visit. From the important Roman relics, such as the Arch of Augustus and the Bridge of Tiberius, to the Surgeon’s house and the Malatesta Temple, Rimini will give you an original experience to relax and for culture.

There are so many possible itineraries: from the places dedicated to the memory of Federico Fellini to the places with a Roman, medieval or Renaissance past, featuring historical palaces, places of natural interest, shopping, and great culinary tradition.
All around the city, themed parks, spas and several cycle trails will give you the chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)
Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) | Photo

Motherland of popes, writers, scholars as very few other places in the region, Santarcangelo is also one of the most charming towns of the Rimini inland.
Nestled on the hills of Valmarecchia, it is run by many itineraries that talk about Santarcangelo’s Roman origins, as well as medieval (also underground!) and modern history, on the immortal words of Tonino Guerra. The city centre, with its narrow alleys, gates, old boutiques and monasteries, is just two steps from unblemished natural areas, with trails and panoramic views.

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