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Municipality of Ravenna

On a canoe along the Bevano river

Visitor Centre Cubo Magico Bevanella
6 June - 19 September 2021
Sunday only
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On a canoe along the Bevano river

Canoe excursion along the Bevano river

Duration: 2 hours
Recommended age: the experience is suitable for all the ages, including accompanied children

Don’t miss this adventurous guided tour on a canoe along the Bevano river and its mouth, in one of the most fascinating natural landscapes of the Po Delta Park.

During the excursion on the canoe, you will have the chance to admire a very suggestive landscape, which, from the Pine Forest of Classe, stretches up to the oases of Ortazzo and Ortazzino, reaching at last the beach of the Bassona, one of the most astounding beaches on the Adriatic coast.

The participation fee includes:

  • canoe
  • binocular
  • environmental excursion guide


Further information


  • Visitor Centre Cubo Magico Bevanella
    Via Canale Pergami, 80 - Ravenna


Every Sunday: 10am
Sunday 20 June: 10am and 3pm

FROM JULY TO SEPTEMBER (until 19 September)
Every Sunday at 9am



Participation fee


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