The Dunes of Ravenna

Via Stefano Ortolani - Ravenna
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The Ravenna coast features a “dune belt”, typical of the sandy shores of the lowlands. The dunes are up to two metres high and are formed and shaped by the prevailing winds and wave motion. This environment makes for distinctive vegetation (sea rocket, beach weed, prickly pear).

Some dunes can already be found between the towns of Punta Marina Terme and Marina di Ravenna, although the most impressive in terms of size and intactness are found heading towards the northern shores. Here the perennial species that make up the vegetation, like a vast meadow of varying density, cover both newly formed dunes and those further back.

There is also a noteworthy range of sand dunes south of the city, located between Lido di Dante and Lido di Classe, near the mouth of the Bevano torrent. The mouth of the torrent, the dunes and the lagoons compose an uncontaminated landscape, a picture of what the entire regional coastline must have looked like before human intervention.

Both areas are important habitats for endangered plant and animal species, so much so that they have been included in the Parco Regionale del Delta del Po (Po Delta Regional Park).


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