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Cycling tour in the Comacchio Valleys

Cycling tour in the Comacchio Valleys
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The Southern Valleys of Comacchio represent the largest wetlands in Italy. Walking along the bank of the River Reno, visitors will enjoy a wonderful view of the valleys and of the variety of its habitats.

The valleys are among the most important areas in Europe for the nesting, wintering and migration of many species of waterfowl. The hike includes the watching and the identification of bird species.

Length: appr. 3 hours (14 km roundtrip) 

Number of participantsmin. 10 people

Starting point: NatuRa Museum – Sant’Alberto (Ra).

Participation fee: 9€ (including bicycle and binoculars); 8€ (with own bike)

Information and Reservations: prenotazione consigliata presso Museo NatuRa – Sant’Alberto (Ra)(+39) 0544.529260 – 528710.
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